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Reasoning Statement & Assumption Rules & Short Tricks for Bank PO Exams

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IBPS PO Exam Reasoning Statement & Assumption Rules and Short tricks – Statement & Assumption Solution Method Available on this page. Find Reasoning Statement Short Tricks to prepare for competitive examination!

Well we know exam are really difficult since it is a banking exam therefore one should be careful enough to crack the exam and its code. Every year, lots of candidates appear in Bank PO examination in hope to crack the examination. But Competitive Examination preparation become the harder task year by year. Here on this page we have shared the some simple points about to reasoning statement and assumption rules.

How to attempt reasoning Statement questions in the exam?

Well these are really crucial and important part of the exam. It is very tricky and people should be careful and smart enough to handle the reasoning part. Even the PO exams carry such part that is really tough for the candidates to handle. And if they do not have full knowledge then it is really hard for them to manage the questions with.

Please consider the bow given example of statement and reasoning in order to learn how to deal with such problem.

  • The State Government has unilaterally increased, by 5 percent, octroi on all commodities entering into the state without seeking the approval of the Central Government.


What are the assumptions that can be made to solve the exam?

  • First can be that might be the government of the state may solve the decision made.
  • Second assumption can be that the decision of the state government is supported by the Central Government.
  • The government of state can easily earn the amount through the Octroi.

The questions are very tricky therefore you can easily be break down with the answers as they cannot mark you all the answers but definitely can fail you in just a single tickets. So if you are not able to clear out the meaning of the exam then you will not be able make out the answer and the exam. When it comes to reasoning then it is really tough .The mind has to be really alert and very sharp people might also start and also solving the puzzle becomes really tough. Also reasoning becomes really difficult and people also try to verbal reasoning too. And when it comes to the reasoning by marking the correct option then it becomes really tough to crack. The sticker must have a command over English and also must a try to relate to the question and also the statement. So if you too have been working hard then it is necessary that you must have a command over the English and should relate it relatively and try to make out a wider sense.

Rules about Statement & Assumption Reasoning

  1. Assumption is always Indefinite and Positive.
  2. Some words like many, some, to large extent, much exist in the assumption that assumption will always be implicit (True).
  3. Some words like Each, Only, Any, every, question including word (what, why, these), all, answer including words (therefore), but, certainly, definitely, exist in the assumption statement that assumption will always be explicit [False].
  4. Comparison between two statements / things always wrong.
  5. Any assumption which conveying the message related to notice, advertisement, appeal that assumption will always be implicit (True).
  6. If any assumption showing words like order, request, suggestion that will always be implicit [True]. Restatement is never implicit.
  7. Statement which talks about the Post and Future that assumption will always be explicit (False).
  8. Assumption about to Social welfare (Positive Statement), Government Policies that assumption will always be implicit [True].

Candidates will have to do more practices to prepare well about to Reasoning Statement and Assumption Rules & Short Tricks for Bank PO Exam Preparation.

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