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Statement & Argument: Verbal Reasoning Tricks & Solved Example for Bank Exam

Statement & Argument: Verbal Reasoning Tricks & Solved Example for Bank Exam: Get IBPS PO Exam Statement & Argument Reasoning Question Solution tricks – Complete Details! for our readers. Every year, lots of candidates appear in Banking Competitive Examination in hope to get job in banking sector. Reasoning is one of the most important section in any competitive examination. Aspirants will have to score good to qualify the competitive examination. Aspirants should have depth knowledge of reasoning skills to score higher. So prepare for reasoning part and get enough marks to qualify the examination.

Statement & Argument: Verbal Reasoning Tricks with Example

Well when it comes to reasoning exam then it is very much definite that the exam will be conducted in a way that will make it tricky we all know math is actually definite and you really need to be very calculative. Well calculation is all that we need to make our answered to be accurate enough therefore one should be very smart to solve the tricky questions. Well it really becomes tough because many of the candidates are not able to make up to the right marks.


There are some rules that the candidates should be kept in mind

  • There is negative marking so candidates must be aware of the parking scheme
  • There will be 5-15 questions of the reasoning section therefore the candidates must be alert
  • Look at the questions and then try to relate to every statement given in the options

When it comes to your reasoning part then it is actually very necessary that we look at the principle of the reasoning and the statement arguments. We all have studied the Newton laws therefore this is the best time to apply the law here that is third law. While following the method the ‘Statement’ becomes the action and ‘Argument’ becomes the ‘Reaction’.

Statement & Argument: Principle rules

Golden Words turn an argument WEAK/EXPLICIT.

You need to remember the Weak or Explicit words in the statement the mark the argument as weak. 

Irrelevant Arguments are always WEAK/ EXPLICIT.

Remember that the arguments (are the reaction) and this is not discussed in the actions.

Copied/Repeated Arguments to any previous decision are always WEAK/ EXPLICIT

Repetition or copy of the any decision will make the argument or the statement weak.

Half explained/explanation Arguments are always WEAK/ EXPLICIT.

Remember if you find any clue and any riddle kind of question or the argument is half explained then it is considered weak.

An argument comparing two countries is always WEAK/ EXPLICIT.

If you read any comparison between two things or two countries then the argument is considered weak.

Here follow the below statement to understand the concept of weak and strong arguments

Statements is based on Different Types

  • Political Statement
  • Economic Statement
  • Social Statement


  • Some of people say that use of The Geeta in court during the judgments should not be allowed.

Argument is based on Different Types

  • Strong Argument
  • Weak Argument


  • You can think that Geeta is being insulted.
  • Second you can think that swear we take on Greta can be false.

What is Strong Arguments and it’s Features?

Arguments which are directly related to the statement and satisfy the logical condition, true, valid, strong and talk about the strength, etc called strong arguments.

Strong Arguments Features

  • Universal Truth: Accepted by all and can not be denied.
  • Analyzed Truth: Decision made by the Supreme Court, Govt Body, United Nations, Certified Body and any other courts.
  • Experience Truth: Argument based on experiences, it will be accepted as strong argument.

Weak Arguments Features

  • Simple:  Simple argument and even if it is related to given statement but due to lack of proper sentence is emulation anything then it will be considered as weak argument and can not be accepted.
  • Opinion Based: Personal Suggestions personal opinion that kind of argument can not be accepted and considered as weak argument.
  • Ambiguous: Arguments which creates confusion, which consider as weak argument.
  • Superfluous: Can not be accepted in any case.

Always remember to take the positive argument over the wrong argument to make it quite justified and also you must ancestor’s positive intention behind every statement.

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